Chapter 183 State Historical Society

183.010 - Society made trustee for the state — powers — executive committee.

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1.The state historical society of Missouri, heretofore organized under the laws of this state, shall be the trustee of this state, and as such shall hold all its present and future collections and property for the state, and shall not mortgage or deed in trust any of its property or sell any of such property except by way of exchange for property of equal value or for reinvestment.

2.There shall continue to be an executive committee of said society, to consist of as many members as is or may be provided in the constitution of said society, and to have the same powers as the present executive committee.

(RSMo 1939 § 14902)

Prior revisions: 1929 § 13707; 1919 § 5845; 1909 § 6698

183.030 - Executive committee to report — copies of state publications to society.

The executive committee of the society shall keep an accurate account of the expenditure of all money which may be appropriated for the purposes of the society, and report biennially to the governor a detailed statement of the expenditure.To enable the society to augment its collections by effecting exchanges with other societies and institutions, sixty bound copies each of the several publications of the state, and of its societies and institutions, except the reports of the supreme court and the court of appeals, shall be and the same are hereby donated to the society as they shall be issued, the same to be delivered to the society by the secretary of state or other officer having the custody of the same; to include, also, for deposit in its collections, one set of all the publications of the state, including those heretofore issued, so far as possible, not excepting the reports of the supreme court and of the court of appeals.

(RSMo 1939 § 14904, A.L. 1973 S.B. 263)

Prior revisions: 1929 § 13709; 1919 § 5847; 1909 § 6700

183.020 - Society's duties.

It shall be the duty of the society to collect books, maps and other papers and material for the study of history, especially of this state and of the middle west; to acquire narratives and records of the pioneers, to procure documents, manuscripts and portraits, and to gather all information calculated to exhibit faithfully the antiquities and the past and present condition, resources and progress of this state; to cause its collections to be properly bound and preserved; to conduct a library of historical reference, and to publish from time to time reports of its collections and such other matters as may tend to diffuse information relative to the history of this region; and to keep the rooms containing the collections of said society open at all reasonable hours on business days for the reception of the citizens of this state, without fee.