Chapter 185 State Council on the Arts

185.200 - Legislative findings.

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The general assembly, giving due consideration to the historical and continuing interest of the people of the state of Missouri in encouraging the educational and cultural enrichment of its residents, finds that public television stations, especially with local programming, contribute significantly to such enrichment, are a valuable state resource, and consequently that support of public television is an important public purpose.

(L. 2006 S.B. 870)

Effective 7-01-06

185.100 - Missouri arts council trust fund created — board of trustees created — council to support certain activities — funds not to lapse into general fund.

1.There is hereby established a special trust fund, to be known as the "Missouri Arts Council Trust Fund", which shall consist of all moneys transferred to the fund by the board of trustees established in this section, moneys transferred to the fund pursuant to section 143.183, and any earnings resulting from the investment of moneys in the fund.The fund shall be administered by a board of trustees, consisting of the state treasurer, two members of the senate appointed by the president pro tem of the senate, two members of the house of representatives appointed by the speaker of the house, and the members of the Missouri arts council.Any member appointed due to such person's membership in the senate, house of representatives or arts council shall serve only as long as such person holds the office referenced in this section.The state treasurer shall invest moneys in the fund in a manner as provided by law.Subject to appropriations, moneys in the fund shall be used solely for the promotion of the arts in Missouri and for the administrative costs of the Missouri arts council.The provisions of section 33.080 to the contrary notwithstanding, money in the Missouri arts council trust fund shall not be transferred and placed to the credit of the general revenue fund.

2.The Missouri arts council shall support and maintain activities which demonstrate, exhibit, or celebrate the contributions of African-Americans and other minorities.

(L. 1993 H.B. 759 & 772 § 6, A.L. 1994 S.B. 477, et al., A.L. 1996 H.B. 1244)

185.210 - Appropriation of funds for grants to public television stations, requirements, use of funds, amounts for grants, unused funds returned to state.

The general assembly may appropriate funds to the state council on the arts for use as grants to public television stations.Such grants shall be distributed to each of the public television stations in this state after receipt of the station's certification of operating and programming expenses for the prior fiscal year.Certification shall consist of the most recent fiscal year financial statement submitted by a station to the corporation for public broadcasting.At least twenty percent of the state funds received under sections 185.200 to 185.230 by any public television station shall be used for instructional television services to be provided through local agreements.A substantial portion of the state funds received under this or any other act by any public television station shall be used for local programming related to the needs and problems of the community served by the broadcast licensee.The grants shall be divided into two categories, an annual basic service grant and an operating grant.The basic service grant shall be equal to thirty-five percent of the total amount appropriated and shall be divided equally among the public television stations receiving grants.The remaining amount of the appropriation shall be distributed as an operating grant to the stations on the basis of the proportion that the total operating expenses of the individual station in the prior fiscal year bears to the aggregate total of operating expenses for the same fiscal year for all Missouri public television stations receiving state grants.State funds received by a public television station under sections 185.200 to 185.230 and not expended shall be returned to the state of Missouri.

(L. 2006 S.B. 870)

Effective 7-01-06

185.010 - State council on the arts created — appointment of members.

There is hereby created and established a state commission, to be known as the "Missouri State Council on the Arts", to consist of fifteen members, broadly representative of all fields of the performing and fine arts, to be appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate from among citizens of Missouri who are widely known for their professional competence and experience in connection with the performing and fine arts.In making such appointments, due consideration shall be given to the recommendations made by representative civic, educational and professional associations and groups, concerned with or engaged in the production or presentation of the performing and fine arts generally.

(L. 1965 p. 314 § 1)


State council on the arts, transferred to department of economic development, members of council appointed by director of department, 620.010

185.030 - Chairman may employ staff.

The chairman may employ, with the approval of the council, such officers, experts and other employees as may be needed and shall fix their compensation within the amounts made available for such purposes.

(L. 1965 p. 314 § 3)

185.230 - Limitation on amounts appropriated, how determined.

The amount appropriated as grants under the provisions of sections 185.200 to 185.230 shall not be more than the sum of fifty cents multiplied by the total number of residents of the state as determined by the most recent federal decennial census.

(L. 2006 S.B. 870)

Effective 7-01-06

185.020 - Terms of members — chairman — vacancies.

The term of office of each member shall be five years; provided, however, that of the members first appointed, three shall be appointed for terms of one year, three for terms of two years, three for terms of three years, three for terms of four years and three for terms of five years.Other than the chairman, no member of the council who serves a full five-year term shall be eligible for reappointment during a one-year period following the expiration of his term.The governor shall designate a chairman and a vice chairman from the members of the council, to serve as such at the pleasure of the governor.The chairman shall be the chief executive officer of the council.All vacancies shall be filled for the balance of the unexpired term in the same manner as original appointments.The members of the council shall not receive any compensation for their services but shall be reimbursed for their actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their duties as members of the council.

(L. 1965 p. 314 § 2)

185.220 - Application and certification of expenses required.

Eligible public television stations desiring to receive grants under the provisions of sections 185.200 to 185.230 shall make an annual application to the state council on the arts and submit a certification of its actual operating and programming expenses for the previous fiscal year.

(L. 2006 S.B. 870)

Effective 7-01-06

185.225 - Annual report and accounting of funds required.

Each public television station receiving grants under the provisions of sections 185.200 to 185.230 shall furnish the state council on the arts and the oversight division of the committee on legislative research within sixty days after the end of each fiscal year with an annual report and accounting of the funds received and expended by such stations during the just-ended fiscal year and may furnish recommendations and suggestions for improvement in programs and services under the provisions of sections 185.200 to 185.230.

(L. 2006 S.B. 870)

Effective 7-01-06

185.060 - Council designated to receive and disburse federal funds.

The council is the official agency of this state to receive and disburse any funds made available by the federal government for programs related to the performing and fine arts.

(L. 1965 p. 314 § 6)

185.215 - Limitation on funding percentage.

The amount of any state funding provided by sections 185.200 to 185.230 shall not exceed thirty percent of the operating expenditures for the previous year of the public television station receiving said grant.

(L. 2006 S.B. 870)

Effective 7-01-06

185.040 - Powers of council — china painting to be recognized as fine art.

1.The duties of the council shall be:

(1)To stimulate and encourage throughout the state the study and presentation of the performing and fine arts and public interest and participation therein;

(2)To make such surveys as may be deemed advisable of public and private institutions engaged within the state in artistic and cultural activities, including, but not limited to, music, theater, dance, painting, sculpture, architecture, and allied arts and crafts, and to make recommendations concerning appropriate methods to encourage participation in and appreciation of the arts to meet the legitimate needs and aspirations of persons in all parts of the state;

(3)To take such steps as may be necessary and appropriate to encourage public interest in the cultural heritage of our state and to expand the state's cultural resources; and

(4)To encourage and assist freedom of artistic expression essential for the well-being of the arts.

2.China painting, which is the overglaze decoration of china, is recognized and declared by the general assembly to be a fine art.

(L. 1965 p. 314 § 4, A.L. 1993 H.B. 866)

185.050 - Powers of council.

The council is hereby authorized and empowered to hold public and private hearings, to enter into contracts, within the limit of funds available therefor, with individuals, organizations and institutions for services furthering the educational objectives of the council's programs; to enter into contracts, within the limit of funds available therefor, with local and regional associations for cooperative endeavors furthering the educational objectives of the council's programs; to accept gifts, contributions and bequests of unrestricted funds from individuals, foundations, corporations and other organizations or institutions for the purpose of furthering the educational objectives of the council's programs; to make and sign any agreements and to do and perform any acts that may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.The council may request from any department, division, board, bureau, commission or agency of the state such assistance and data as will enable it properly to carry out its powers and duties hereunder.

(L. 1965 p. 314 § 5)

185.205 - Definitions.

As used in sections 185.200 to 185.230, the term "public television station" means a television broadcasting station operating as of January 1, 1980, under authority of Section 73.621 of the Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations as a noncommercial educational or public television station, owned and operated by a political subdivision of this state, an educational institution of this state, or by a not-for-profit corporation, accepting or broadcasting no commercial messages, and receiving all or part of its operating revenues from public funds, federal funds, donations or grants, or public subscriptions.