Chapter 26 Governor and Lieutenant Governor

26.070 - Officials shall permit audit.

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It shall be the duty of every public official, agent or employee of the state, and every official and employee of any county, municipality, township, school district or road district to permit such auditor or accountant to have access to the accounts, records, documents, vouchers and papers in the care or custody or under the control of any public official, or any employee of the state or any subdivision thereof upon any subject relating to the condition, management and expenses of the office, department, board, bureau, commission or institution being audited.

(RSMo 1939 § 13106)

26.225 - Transition facilities to be provided for governor and lieutenant governor.

1.The commissioner of administration shall provide office space and equipment for the governor-elect and the lieutenant governor-elect and their staff during the transition period.The facilities provided shall be located at the seat of government and shall be suitable for the purpose and capable of adequately housing the transition staff of the governor-elect and the lieutenant governor-elect.The facilities provided for the staffs of the governor-elect and the lieutenant governor-elect shall be separate facilities.

2.The commissioner of administration shall furnish the transition facilities with adequate telephone service, office furniture and office machines including but not limited to typewriters, adding machines and duplicating equipment.

3.The transition period office space may be located in state-owned buildings or in leased property.All salaries, expenses, rentals and equipment purchase and repairs shall be made only from funds appropriated for the purpose of these transitions.

(L. 1977 H.B. 493 & 458)

26.135 - Governor may accept retrocession of jurisdiction over federal land, when.

The governor may accept on behalf of the state of Missouri, retrocession of full or partial jurisdiction over land owned by the United States within the boundaries of the state of Missouri as provided by Public Law 93-82, as passed by Congress on August 2, 1973.Retrocession of jurisdiction shall be effected upon written notice to the governor by the principal officer of the federal agency having supervision and control over the land.Documents concurring the retrocession shall be filed in the office of the secretary of state, and in the office of the recorder of deeds of the county in which the lands are located.

(L. 1976 H.B. 1526 § 1)

26.060 - Governor to select auditors.

The governor may at any time, when in his judgment the public interest of the state will be conserved, select competent auditors or accountants to audit the accounts of any department, office, commission, board, bureau, institution, or any subdivision of the state; also road districts, school districts, townships, municipalities and counties receiving for or from the state any money.

(RSMo 1939 § 13105)

26.215 - Transition funds and facilities for governor and lieutenant governor.

1.In each year in which a governor or lieutenant governor of this state is elected and the governor or the lieutenant governor so elected is not the incumbent at the time of the election, funds and facilities for that governor-elect and lieutenant governor-elect, to be used by each of them in preparing an orderly transition of administrations, shall be provided.

2.The legislature shall appropriate to the commissioner of administration funds to be used only for the purpose of these transitions and to be expended during the transition period, but in no event shall the amount so appropriated exceed one hundred thousand dollars for the governor-elect and five thousand dollars for the lieutenant governor-elect for any such transition and all funds not expended for this purpose during the transition period shall revert to general revenue.

(L. 1977 H.B. 493 & 458)

26.015 - Terms of office.

The governor and lieutenant governor shall hold their offices for a term of four years beginning at 12:00 noon on the second Monday in January next after their election and until their successors are elected and qualified.

(L. 1959 H.B. 121, A.L. 1979 H.B. 136)

26.540 - Plans limited to certain matters.

Reorganization plans shall relate only to abolishing or combining agencies in the executive branch of the state government or to changing the organization thereof or the assignment of functions thereto.Each plan shall contain such provisions as are necessary to assure the uninterrupted conduct of the governmental services and functions affected by the proposed reorganization plan.

(L. 1967 p. 98 § 5)

26.140 - Identification cards for consular officers — vehicle identification plates — unauthorized use a misdemeanor.

Whenever any consular officer shall have registered as such with the Department of State of the United States and has been issued an* exequatur or a diplomatic note by the Department of State, the governor shall issue or cause to be issued to such consular officer an identification card with a short statement of his rights and privileges as such, identifying him as a consular officer for the country he represents."Consular officers", as used in this section, shall be deemed to include consuls general, consuls, vice consuls, consular agents, honorary consuls and none other.Such consular officers are authorized to use a motor vehicle identification plate identifying him as an official consular officer.Any person other than a consular officer using such vehicle identification plate shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

(L. 1955 p. 575 § 1, A.L. 1985 H.B. 336)

*Word "an" does not appear in original rolls.

26.040 - Governor may purchase lands at sales under proceedings to which state is party.

The governor may attend, in person or by his duly authorized agent, all sales of real estate made by any sheriff under any distress warrant issued by the state director of revenue, or sales made pursuant to executions issued on any judgment, wherein the state of Missouri is a party litigant or is in any wise interested, and buy in the property, if he considers it necessary and expedient, in the name of the state, for its use and benefit, and take proper deed therefor.In such cases, he may credit the sheriff or other officer making the sale with the amount of the bid made on the distress warrant or execution.

(RSMo 1939 § 12699, A.L. 1959 H.B. 121)

Prior revisions: 1929 § 11075; 1919 § 6939; 1909 § 7943

26.050 - Governor may sell such lands and execute deed.

Whenever any property is bid off by him for the state, he shall have the power to sell the same to any person or persons desiring to buy the same from the state, on such terms and conditions as he may think wise and conducive to the best interests of the state, and on behalf of the state, to execute proper deeds therefor to the purchaser or purchasers.Such deed or deeds executed by him shall be countersigned by the secretary of state, and have thereto attached the great seal of the state, and shall be by him duly acknowledged before some officer authorized to take acknowledgments of deeds.

(RSMo 1939 § 12700)

Prior revisions: 1929 § 11076; 1919 § 6940; 1909 § 7944


Powers and duties, office of administration, sale of state property, 37.005

26.101 - Use of facsimile signature by governor authorized.

A facsimile of the governor's signature applied at his direction and under his supervision shall be deemed the governor's handwritten signature for all purposes.

(L. 1957 p. 499 § 1)

26.301 - Member of board or commission who moves out of state deemed to have vacated position.

Except as otherwise specifically provided by law, all members of boards and commissions appointed by the governor shall, at the time of their appointment, be residents of the state of Missouri.Except as otherwise specifically provided by law, members of boards and commissions appointed by the governor who move from the state during their term on said boards and commissions shall be deemed to have vacated their position on said boards and commissions, and the governor shall appoint a person to the unexpired term as provided by law.

(L. 1996 S.B. 876)

26.055 - Governor may convey lands acquired at sale under distress warrant.

The governor shall have the authority and he is hereby empowered to reconvey or sell in the same manner as provided in section 26.050 any real estate which has heretofore been purchased by the state, and in her name, at any sheriff's sale made under and by authority of any distress warrant heretofore issued by the state auditor.

(L. 1951 p. 545)

26.500 - Governor may submit plans for reorganization of executive agencies.

Within the first thirty days of any regular legislative session, the governor may submit to both houses of the legislature, at the same time, one or more formal and specific plans for the reorganization of executive agencies of state government.

(L. 1967 p. 98 § 1)

(2003) Section authorized executive agency reorganization plan creating the Family Support Division of the Department of Social Services.State ex rel. Department of Social Services v. K.L.D., 118 S.W.3d 283 (Mo.App.W.D.).

26.010 - Salaries of governor and lieutenant governor.

As total compensation for all duties to be performed by them, the governor shall receive an annual salary of seventy-five thousand dollars plus any salary adjustment provided pursuant to section 105.005, and the lieutenant governor shall receive an annual salary of forty-five thousand dollars plus any salary adjustment provided pursuant to section 105.005. The salaries shall be paid at the times and in the manner provided by law.

(RSMo 1939 § 13397, A.L. 1943 p. 869 §1, A. 1949 S.B. 1008, A.L. 1955 p. 574, A.L. 1967 p. 97, A.L. 1977 H.B. 520, A.L. 1984 S.B. 528, A.L. 1992 S.B. 676 Adopted by referendum, Proposition C, November 3, 1992)

Prior revisions: 1929 § 11775; 1919 § 10985

Effective 1-01-93

Revisor's note: Salary adjustment index is printed, as required by §105.005, in Appendix E.


Lieutenant governor to discharge governor's duties, when, Const. Art. IV, Sec. ll(b)

(1991)Lieutenant governor not entitled to be paid compensation at the salary level of governor based on governor's presence or absence from the state but based only upon serving as acting governor.State ex rel. Ashcroft v. Blunt, 813 S.W.2d 849 (Mo. en banc.).

(1991)Where powers, duties and emolument of governor shall devolve upon lieutenant governor upon absence from state or other disability of the governor, absence from the state does not mean physical absence of governor but means effective absence which effectively debilitates or prevents governor from exercising the duties of his office.State ex rel. Ashcroft v. Blunt, 813 S.W.2d 849 (Mo. en banc).

26.510 - Plans, when effective — disapproval by resolution, when.

A reorganization plan so submitted shall become effective by executive order not sooner than ninety days after the final adjournment of the session of the legislature to which it is submitted, unless it is disapproved within sixty days of its submission to a regular session by a senate or house resolution adopted by a majority vote of the respective elected members thereof.

(L. 1967 p. 98 § 2)

26.030 - Governor may veto appropriations — extent — exceptions.

The governor may veto any item or portion of any item of any appropriation bill or the whole thereof; except that the governor shall not reduce any appropriation for free public schools or for the payment of principal and interest on the public debt.

(RSMo 1939 § 10905, A.L. 1945 p. 1428 § 58, A.L. 1959 H.B. 121)

See also Const. Art. IV § 26.

26.130 - Governor may designate state agency to investigate and promote state's interests in connection with federal projects in Missouri.

1.The governor is authorized to designate such state department or other state agency as in his opinion would best serve the interests of the state in relation to the subject at hand as the official agency of the state of Missouri, to cooperate or negotiate with the chief of engineers or other authorities as designated in Public Law 534, 78th Congress (58 Statutes at Large c. 665), or any amendments thereto.

2.Such agency or department as may be designated by the governor shall have authority to investigate, cooperate and protect the state's interests subject to the advice and approval of the governor.Such agency or department shall have power to promote the state's interests, and shall keep the governor advised of all developments in relation to such act authorizing the construction of certain public works on rivers and harbors for flood control and for other purposes as may affect Missouri under Public Law 534, 78th Congress (58 Statutes at Large c. 665), or any amendments thereto.Such agency or department shall make reports to the governor, general assembly and other state agencies upon request, stating its findings and recommendations when requested by the governor or such other state agencies, and whenever the general assembly is in session.

(L. 1945 p. 939 § 1)

26.530 - Approved plan to have effect of law, published how.

A reorganization plan not disapproved by one or the other house of the legislature in the manner set forth in section 26.510 shall be considered for all purposes as the equivalent in force, effect and intent of a public act of the state upon its taking effect by executive order as set forth in section 26.510, and it shall be published together with the laws adopted by the general assembly at the session in which the plan is submitted.

(L. 1967 p. 98 § 4)

26.020 - Secretarial and clerical assistants of governor and lieutenant governor and their compensation.

Within the limits of appropriations for such purpose, the governor may employ and fix the compensation of such legal and clerical assistants as may be necessary for the efficient conduct of his office.The lieutenant governor may likewise employ and fix the compensation of a secretary.

(RSMo 1939 § 13390, A.L. 1943 p. 870, A. 1949 S.B. 1008)

Prior revisions: 1929 § 11768; 1919 § 10978; 1909 § 10681

26.220 - Governor and lieutenant governor transition period defined.

The transition period shall begin on the fifteenth day of November following the election of a governor or lieutenant governor who is not an incumbent and shall end when that governor-elect or lieutenant governor-elect has taken the oath of office.

(L. 1977 H.B. 493 & 458)

26.520 - Plan submitted to vote, when.

The presiding officer of the house in which a resolution disapproving a reorganization plan has been introduced, unless the resolution has been previously accepted or rejected by that house, shall submit it to a vote of the membership not sooner than ten days or later than sixty days after the submission by the governor of the reorganization plan to which the resolution pertains.

(L. 1967 p. 98 § 3)

26.080 - Penalty for refusal to permit audit.

Any public official, agent or employee of the state or any subdivision thereof, including road districts, school districts, townships, municipalities and counties, who violates the provisions of section 26.070 or refuses to comply with sections 26.060 to 26.090 is guilty of a misdemeanor.

(RSMo 1939 § 13106, A.L. 1959 H.B. 121)

26.090 - Expense of audit.

The expense of any audit ordered by the governor under sections 26.060 to 26.090 shall be borne out of an auditing fund to be appropriated by the general assembly to be used by the governor for that purpose.