Chapter 549 Probation, Pardons and Paroles

549.525 - Municipal probation services, fee, Kansas City, exemptions.

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1.Any city with a population of more than three hundred fifty thousand inhabitants which is located in more than one county which provides probation services for persons convicted of its ordinance violations may collect from the person placed on probation a fee of ten dollars per month for providing supervision and rehabilitation services.

2.The court may exempt a person from all or part of the contribution required in subsection 1 of this section if it finds any of the following factors exist:

(1)The offender has diligently attempted, but has been unable, to obtain employment which provides him sufficient income to make such payments;

(2)The offender is a student in school, college, university or course of vocational or technical training designed to fit the student for gainful employment.Certification of such student status shall be supplied to the court by the educational institution in which the offender is enrolled;

(3)The offender has an employment handicap, as determined by a physical, psychological or psychiatric examination acceptable to or ordered by the court;

(4)The offender's age prevents him from obtaining employment;

(5)The offender is responsible for the support of dependents, and the payment of such contribution constitutes an undue hardship on the offender;

(6)There are other extenuating circumstances as determined by the court to exempt or partially reduce such payments; or

(7)The offender has been transferred outside the state under an interstate compact adopted pursuant to law.

(L. 1995 H.B. 424 § 7)

549.500 - Documents of board to be privileged — exceptions — inspection.

All documents prepared or obtained in the discharge of official duties by any member or employee of the board of probation and parole shall be privileged and shall not be disclosed directly or indirectly to anyone other than members of the board and other authorized employees of the department pursuant to section 217.075.The board may at its discretion permit the inspection of the report or parts thereof by the offender or his attorney or other persons having a proper interest therein.