Chapter 625 Division of Commerce and Industrial Development

625.091 - Bureaus or units of division.

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The work of the division may be carried out through such bureaus or units within the division as may be established by the director, with the advice and approval of the commission.There shall be one bureau or unit within the division charged with the development and promotion of the state's recreational advantages and facilities.

(L. 1961 p. 240 § 5(a))

625.115 - Expenses paid by state.

All payments for work done or obligations incurred under the provisions of this chapter shall be made by the state treasurer out of funds appropriated for the purpose upon duly issued warrants, based upon bills of particulars and vouchers certified by the director.

(L. 1961 p. 240 § 12)

625.111 - Advisory boards may be appointed.

The director is authorized to appoint advisory boards or committees among interested groups of citizens, including those representing industry, commerce, business, and all branches thereof, labor, agriculture, forestry, transportation, the press, aviation, civic affairs and such other matters as the director may deem advisable.The boards or committees shall advise with the division as to its work, and the director shall, as far as practicable, cooperate with the advisory boards or committees to secure the active aid thereof in the accomplishment of the aims and fulfillment of the duties of the division.

(L. 1961 p. 240 § 11)

625.101 - Director's power to contract research studies.

In the performance of his duties, the director is empowered and authorized to enter into contracts and to assume such other functions as are necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter that are not inconsistent with law.The director may make and enter into contracts with other boards, commissions, agencies and institutions of this state or other states, public or private, upon such terms as may be mutually agreed upon, and to have such studies and research activities conducted as may be necessary and proper, the costs thereof to be paid out of funds which may be appropriated to the division.

(L. 1961 p. 240 § 10)

625.125 - Biennial reports.

Biennial reports shall be made by the division and filed with the governor and members of the general assembly and shall include suggestions and recommendations for the improvement and advancement of the economic welfare of the people of the state.

(L. 1961 p. 240 § 15)

625.025 - Solid waste, use of for energy and materials, promotion of.

Recognizing the need for energy and resource conservation as well as the potential for new jobs and economic growth, the division of commerce and industrial development shall encourage the expansion and development of industries and commercial establishments which provide markets for materials and energy which can be recovered from solid waste, and may:

(1)Promote the expansion of existing industries and the development of new industries which utilize secondary materials, or materials which can be recovered from solid waste, in their manufacturing processes;

(2)Support and assist the efforts of the state, regional and local development corporations, industrial committees, chambers of commerce, and other similar public and private agencies to obtain new, and foster the expansion of existing, industrial or commercial users of steam or other energy which can be produced from solid waste;

(3)Assist the industries and commercial establishments referred to in subdivisions (1) and (2) of this section with such government liaison matters as siting, zoning, licensing, permitting, financing and other such tasks through coordination with the appropriate state and local agencies;

(4)Support federal incentives and policies designed to promote these goals; and

(5)Prepare and provide upon request an annual report summarizing its plans and activities pursuant to this section.

(L. 1986 S.B. 475 § 255.025)

625.021 - Functions and duties of division — overseas offices authorized.

The division shall foster and encourage industrial, commercial, agricultural, recreational and resource development programs designed to broaden and strengthen the economy of the state and shall provide specific leadership in the following instances, among others, and shall:

(1)Encourage the location of new industrial and commercial enterprises in the state and the expansion of industries now existing within the state by appropriate legitimate methods;

(2)Support and assist the efforts of the state, regional and local development corporations, industrial committees, chambers of commerce, labor organizations and other similar public and private agencies to obtain new, and foster the expansion of existing, industrial, commercial, agricultural and recreational facilities or enterprises;

(3)Investigate, assemble, develop and study, or cause to have investigated, assembled, developed and studied, all pertinent information regarding the industrial opportunities and possibilities of the state of Missouri and its economic resources and the particular sections thereof, including raw materials and products that may be produced therefrom, power and water resources, transportation facilities and rates available, markets and the marketing limitations of the state, the availability of labor, the availability of industrial sites, the advantages of the state as a whole, and the particular sections thereof, as industrial locations, and such other fields of research and study as the director may deem necessary;

(4)Formulate and maintain coordinated plans for the state's economic and resource development in order to promote the economic welfare of the people of the state.The plans shall include description of the development objectives and a statement of recommended means for achieving such objectives.The plans, insofar as practical and desirable, shall be coordinated with city, county or regional planning programs, with national planning and with the planning of other states;

(5)Investigate, study and undertake ways and means to promote and develop markets for industrial products and to promote the industrial use of agricultural and mineral forest products;

(6)Encourage the development of recreational areas in the state and encourage the traveling public to visit Missouri;

(7)Encourage the formation of local and sectional development committees throughout the state and make available to such committees and to municipalities, communities, other political subdivisions of the state, private groups, organizations, associations and agencies such facts, data and information as may be useful and desirable in their efforts to encourage the location of industries and commercial enterprises within this state, and in other ways to cooperate with the division in carrying out the purposes of this chapter;

(8)Assist in the formulation and development of a more intensive program to aid and expand the mining industry in Missouri;

(9)Provide advice and assistance to Missouri business and labor and bring to the attention of the governor such significant problems as may be relieved by state action;

(10)Perform such other related acts as shall be, in the judgment of the director, necessary and proper to carry out the objectives of the division; and

(11)Establish offices overseas for the promotion and export of Missouri agricultural and manufactured products, for the promotion of commerce through the ports and international airports of Missouri, to encourage economic development, and to promote tourism into Missouri and encourage the use by tourists of Missouri's recreational facilities.

(L. 1961 p. 240 § 7, A.L. 1973 H.B. 865)


Foreign market development, department of agriculture, 261.095

625.031 - Division to promote state's economic welfare.

The division shall provide coordinated services to aid state and local groups in the promotion of new economic enterprises and shall conduct such publicity and promotional activities as are desirable to stimulate all facets of the economy, and to this end shall:

(1)Collect and disseminate information regarding the advantages of locating and developing industrial, commercial, agricultural and recreational enterprises in this state;

(2)Plan, with the cooperation of the department of conservation and the state park board, programs designed to promote the tourist and recreational advantages of the state;

(3)Serve as the official state liaison agency between persons interested in locating new economic enterprises in Missouri and state and local groups seeking new enterprises.In this respect, the division shall aid communities in organizing for obtaining new business or expanding existing business; and

(4)Encourage public and private agencies or bodies to publicize the facilities and attractions of the state.

(L. 1961 p. 240 § 8)

625.051 - Division may accept gifts and grants.

The division may accept any gifts and grants, including grants from the federal government, relating to any of the functions of the division as described in this chapter.

(L. 1961 p. 240 § 13)

625.041 - Use of data of other state agencies — advisory boards — cooperation by state agencies.

So far as may be practicable in the performance of its duties in connection with collecting and assembling of information, the department of economic development shall make use of such pertinent data as may be secured from the departments, boards, commissions, agencies and institutions of this state.The department of economic development shall have access to all records, data, information and statistics of other departments, boards, commissions, agencies and institutions except such records or information as is required by law to be kept confidential.It is the duty of the department of conservation, the department of natural resources, the state university, the university of Missouri-Rolla, the division of geological survey and water resources, the department of transportation and any other state department or agency, when requested by the governor or the director to do so, in writing, to select an advisory committee of at least three members, and to cooperate with the department of economic development in the performance of its duties in any practical manner within the limits of the appropriation provided the department or agency.