181.100 - Distribution of reports, definitions, requirements, charges, when.

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1.As used in sections 181.100 and 181.110 the following terms shall mean, unless the context requires otherwise:

(1)"Agency", each department, office, commission, board, or other administrative office or unit of state government;

(2)"Electronic repository", a collection of electronic publications kept in a secure environment with adequate backup to protect the collection;

(3)"Format", any media used in the publication of state information including electronic, print, audio, visual, and microform;

(4)"Publications", the information published by agencies intended for distribution to the legislature, agencies, political subdivisions, nonprofit organizations or broad distribution to the public, including publications issued electronically or in other formats;

(5)"State publications access program", a program to provide access to state publications for all citizens of Missouri through a secure repository of electronic publications available to the public through electronic networks.

2.For the purposes of sections 181.100 and 181.110, the word "report" means a state publication which is either a printed statement by a state agency, issued at specific intervals, which describes its operations and progress, and possibly contains a statement of its future plans; or a formal, written account of an investigation given by a person or group delegated to make the investigation.Such reports shall not be distributed to any other person, including members of the general assembly, state officeholders, other state agencies, divisions or departments, or to members of the public, except upon request.

3.Each agency of state government which distributes annual, biannual, or periodic reports printed in paper shall provide such copies of each such document free of charge to the state library as the state library shall specify, along with a statement of the cost and address where additional copies of such report may be requested.Two copies of all reports shall be provided to the legislative library, one copy to the chief clerk of the house of representatives, one copy to the secretary of the senate, one copy to the supreme court library and one copy to the governor.

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