248.140 - Issuance of vouchers, for what purposes.

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The board of trustees of sanitary districts shall have the power to issue vouchers payable by the treasurer of the city or of the county in which such sanitary district is wholly or in part situated, out of any funds in such treasurer's hands to the credit of the special fund of the sanitary district for the following named purposes, to wit:

(1)For the preliminary expenses incurred in organizing the district;

(2)For salaries and current expenses of the board, and salaries of its employees;

(3)For making surveys, plans and superintendence of work;

(4)For the payment of judgments for damages and costs, or the agreed price for right-of-way and easements;

(5)For payment of principal and interest of lawfully incurred indebtedness; and

(6)For work done or materials furnished for the construction or maintenance of channels, drains or sewers.

(RSMo 1939 § 12481)

Prior revisions: 1929 § 10891; 1919 § 4586; 1909 § 5692