268.041 - Adoption of brand, procedure, fee — conflicts, duty of director, recording.

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Any person desiring to adopt a brand shall forward to the director proper brand application forms of the desired brand, together with a recording fee of thirty-five dollars.Upon receipt of the application and fee, the director shall file the same and unless the brand is of record as that of some other person or conflicts with or closely resembles the brand of another person, the director shall record the same.If the director determines that the brand is of record or conflicts with or closely resembles the brand of another person he shall not record it but shall return the facsimile and fee to the forwarding person.The power of examination, approval, acceptance, or rejection shall be vested in the director, subject to the provisions of chapter 536 and the appeals granted therein.It shall be the duty of the director to file all brands offered for record pending the examination provided for in this section.The director shall make the examination as promptly as possible.If the brand is accepted, the ownership thereof shall vest in the person recording it from the date of filing.

(L. 1971 H.B. 134 § 4, A.L. 1992 H.B. 878)