322.125 - Control of dogs in certain counties, how adopted.

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1.The county commission of any county of the second class containing all or part of a city having a population of four hundred fifty thousand or more, and the county commission of any such county which becomes a county of the first class without a charter form of government after September 28, 1971, may, in order to promote public health and safety, adopt by order rules and regulations for the licensing, catching, impounding, confinement, redemption, quarantine, isolation and destruction of dogs in areas within the county outside of incorporated municipalities.Such rules and regulations shall be administered by the county board of health center trustees and the county board of health center trustees is specifically empowered to carry out the provisions of sections 322.120 and 322.125.

2.The commission shall adopt a schedule of fees and a method of collecting them if licensing is required.The county board of health center trustees may maintain and operate a dog pound and may provide for the employment of necessary personnel and the purchase of necessary equipment to operate the pound.The commission may provide that owners of dogs impounded by the county board of health center trustees shall be responsible for the costs of keeping those animals.

(L. 1971 H.B. 254)