350.016 - Restriction on corporate farming, exceptions, certain counties engaging in production of swine.

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The restrictions set forth in section 350.015 shall not apply to agricultural land which is used by a corporation or limited partnership for the production of swine or swine products located in any county of the third classification with a township form of government which has at least three thousand but no more than four thousand inhabitants, or any county which adjoins such county which has a population of at least four thousand five hundred but no more than six thousand five hundred inhabitants.

(L. 1993 H.B. 566 and S.B. 84, A.L. 2014 H.B. 1245)

(2003) Term "production of swine or swine products" includes cattle grazing for the purpose of nitrogen removal from the land application of effluent.State ex rel. Nixon v. Premium Standard Farms, 100 S.W.3d 157 (Mo.App.W.D.).