425.040 - Who not to be considered debt adjusters.

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The following persons shall not be considered debt adjusters for the purposes of sections 425.010 to 425.043:

(1)Any attorney at law of this state;

(2)Any person who is a regular, full-time employee of a debtor, and who acts as an adjuster of his employer's debts;

(3)Any person acting pursuant to any order or judgment of court, or pursuant to authority conferred by any law of this state or of the United States;

(4)Any person who is a creditor of the debtor, or an agent of one or more creditors of the debtor, and whose services in adjusting the debtor's debts are rendered without cost to the debtor; and

(5)Any person who, at the request of a debtor, arranges for or makes a loan to the debtor, and who, at the authorization of the debtor, acts as an adjuster of the debtor's debts in the disbursement of the proceeds of the loan, without compensation for the services rendered in providing debt relief services.

(L. 1963 p. 646 § 1, A.L. 2011 H.B. 661)