434.302 - Contract or agreement void, when — moneys paid to be returned for violation — action to enforce restitution, time limitation.

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1.Any contract or agreement made in violation of section 434.301 is void.All sums paid to or collected by a pension assignee in violation of section 434.301 shall be returned by the pension assignee to the benefit recipient or his or her heirs or beneficiaries as restitution.

2.Any benefit recipient, his or her guardian or conservator, or heir or beneficiary may bring an action to enforce the restitution authorized under this section.

3.Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, any actions brought under this section must be commenced within five years after any individual or entity engages in any act or practice in violation of 434.301.

(L. 2014 H.B. 1217)