475.110 - Removal of guardian or conservator — incapacitated or disabled person, continuation of guardianship after dissolution of marriage, when.

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1.When a minor ward has attained the age of fourteen years, the guardian of his or her person may be removed on petition of the ward to have another person appointed guardian if it is for the best interests of the ward that such other person be appointed.When the spouse of an incapacitated or disabled person is appointed his or her guardian or conservator, such spouse shall be removed as guardian or conservator upon dissolution of his or her marriage with the incapacitated or disabled person.A guardian or conservator may also be removed on the same grounds as is provided in section 473.140 for the removal of personal representatives.

2.Notwithstanding subsection 1 of this section, a spouse whose marriage to the ward was dissolved may petition the court to remain as or be reappointed guardian or conservator of the incapacitated or disabled person in accordance with section 475.115.

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