475.343 - Personal financial resources, guardian not obligated to use — court order for ward's admission to mental health facility — authorized acts of social service agencies.

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1.A guardian of an adult or minor ward is not obligated by virtue of such guardian's appointment to use the guardian's own financial resources for the support of the ward.If the ward's estate and available public benefits are inadequate for the proper care of the ward, the guardian or conservator may apply to the county commission under section 475.370.

2.No guardian shall have authority to seek admission of the guardian's ward to a mental health facility or an intellectual disability facility for more than thirty days for any purpose without court order except as otherwise provided by law.

3.Only the director or chief administrative officer of a social service agency serving as guardian of an incapacitated person, or such person's designee, is legally authorized to act on behalf of such person.

4.A social service agency serving as guardian of an incapacitated person shall notify the court within fifteen days after any change in the identity of the professional individual who has primary responsibility for providing guardianship services to the incapacitated person.

5.Any social service agency serving as guardian shall not provide other services to the ward.

(L. 2018 S.B. 806)