485.010 - Presiding judge may appoint secretary, additional staff — set salaries — source of funds for salaries.

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1.The presiding judge of each circuit may appoint a secretary or other staff personnel to aid the presiding judge in the administration of the judicial business of the circuit.Such secretary and other staff personnel appointed pursuant to the provisions of this section shall serve at the pleasure of the presiding judge.The personnel authorized by this section are in addition to staff support from the circuit clerks, deputy circuit clerks, division clerks, municipal clerks, and any other staff personnel which may otherwise be provided by law.

2.The salary and number of secretarial or other staff personnel shall be established by the presiding judge of the circuit within funds made available for that purpose.Personnel authorized by this section shall be paid from state funds or federal grant moneys which are available for that purpose and not from county funds.

(L. 1978 H.B. 1634)

Effective 1-02-79

(1981) This section does not relieve local governments performing county functions from the responsibility of funding the office of Court Administrator. State ex rel. the Judges for the 22nd Judicial Circuit v. City of St. Louis (Mo. App.), 619 S.W.2d 330.