485.077 - Certification of official court reporters required.

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1.No judge of any court in this state shall appoint an official court reporter who is not a court reporter certified by the board of certified court reporter examiners, as provided in supreme court rule 14.In the absence of an official court reporter due to illness, physical incapacity, death, dismissal or resignation, a judge may appoint a temporary court reporter, but such temporary court reporter shall not serve more than six months without obtaining a certificate pursuant to the provisions of supreme court rule 14.

2.No testimony taken in this state by deposition shall be given in any court in this state, and no record on appeal from an administrative agency of this state shall include testimony taken in this state by deposition, unless the deposition is prepared and certified by a certified court reporter, except as provided in supreme court rule 57.03(c).

3.Deposition testimony taken outside the state shall be deemed to be in conformity with this section if the testimony was prepared and certified by a court reporter authorized to prepare and certify deposition testimony in the jurisdiction in which the testimony was taken.

4.This section shall not apply to depositions taken in this state in connection with cases not pending in a Missouri state court or administrative agency at the time the deposition was taken.

(L. 2001 S.B. 267 § 476.365, A.L. 2007 S.B. 163, A.L. 2009 H.B. 481)