487.150 - Family court coordinating committee, duties — members.

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The administrative judge of the family court, or if none, the presiding judge of each circuit having a family court division or each circuit having a family court division in a county in the circuit may appoint a family court coordinating committee, which shall meet at least quarterly and shall serve as a liaison for the professions, agencies and organizations which utilize or provide services connected with the family court.The committee may be comprised of the following:

(1)A family court judge, commissioner and administrator;

(2)Two members of the Missouri Bar who are actively engaged in the practice of family law;

(3)A representative from the children's division;

(4)A representative from the division of youth services;

(5)Two professional counselors, psychologists or psychiatrists;

(6)A representative from a local educational institution;

(7)A representative from the general public;

(8)A representative from an organized grandparents' association; and

(9)A representative from a domestic violence coalition.

(L. 1993 H.B. 346 § 11, A.L. 1995 S.B. 347, A.L. 2014 H.B. 1299 Revision)