517.071 - Continuation of case, when — rescheduling.

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1.A case shall be continued to a day certain upon the request of any party made on or before the return date of the summons.

2.A case may be continued to a day certain, not exceeding thirty days, upon:

(1)The motion of the judge without consent of any party; or

(2)The agreement of all parties; or

(3)The application of any party and for good cause shown.

3.A case may be continued generally as follows:

(1)By written agreement of all parties; or

(2)When all defendants have not been timely served with process; or

(3)If it appears to the judge that there is discovery or other trial preparation to be done that would reasonably require more than thirty days.

4.When a case has been continued generally, it may be rescheduled for trial or other proceeding before the court on fifteen days' written notice to all parties.

(L. 1985 S.B. 5, et al., A.L. 1988 H.B. 1660)