517.151 - Judgment to be lien on real estate from time of filing transcript — fees for filing — revival of lien.

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From the time of filing the transcript, every such judgment shall have the same lien on the real estate of the defendant in the county as is given judgments rendered by circuit judges.The circuit clerk shall collect fees in such amounts as are determined pursuant to sections 488.010 to 488.020* for each transcript filed.The revival of any such lien upon real estate shall be under the same procedures as with judgments originally rendered by a circuit judge, shall be made from the record of the transcripted judgment so filed in the office of circuit clerk, and may be revived under proceedings before either a circuit or an associate circuit judge.The foregoing provisions shall not apply with respect to any judgment of a small claims court nor shall any judgment of a small claims court be a lien upon real estate.

(L. 1985 S.B. 5, et al., A.L. 1996 S.B. 869)

Effective 7-01-97

*Words "section 514.015" appear in original rolls, which was changed to effectuate the court cost bill.


Liens on real estate established by decree of associate circuit courts, procedure, 511.350