542.425 - Criminal investigations, site of criminal conduct undetermined, attorney general may subpoena witnesses and documents.

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In the course of a criminal investigation under chapter 566 or 573, when the venue of the alleged criminal conduct cannot be readily determined without further investigation, the attorney general may request the prosecuting attorney of Cole County to request a circuit or associate circuit judge of Cole County to issue a subpoena to any witness who may have information for the purpose of oral examination under oath or to require access to data or the production of books, papers, records, or other material of evidentiary nature at the office of the attorney general.If, upon review of the evidence produced pursuant to the subpoenas, it appears that a violation of chapter 566 or 573 may have been committed, the attorney general shall provide the evidence produced pursuant to subpoena to an appropriate county prosecuting attorney or circuit attorney having venue over the criminal offense.

(L. 2009 H.B. 62, A.L. 2014 S.B. 491)

Transferred 2014; formerly 566.013; Effective 1-01-17