543.335 - Appeal — records, how kept.

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In any case tried with a jury before an associate circuit judge or on assignment under procedures applicable before circuit judges, or in any misdemeanor case or county ordinance violation case, a record shall be kept and any person aggrieved by a judgment rendered in any such case may have an appeal upon that record to the appropriate appellate court.At the discretion of the judge, but in compliance with the rules of the supreme court, the record may be a stenographic record or one made by the utilization of electronic, magnetic, or mechanical sound or video recording devices.Whenever an appeal is taken in a case recorded by means other than a court reporter, the clerk of the court or division in control thereof shall forward the tape or record or whatever device used therefor to the clerk of the supreme court or to the clerk of the court of appeals wherein the appeal is lodged.The supreme court and the courts of appeals may arrange for the written transcript of the testimony so preserved pursuant to rules and procedures promulgated by the supreme court.

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