568.175 - Trafficking in children, penalty.

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1.A person or entity commits the offense of trafficking in children if he, she, or it offers, gives, receives or solicits any money, consideration or other thing of value for the delivery or offer of delivery of a child to another person or entity for purposes of adoption, or for the execution of a consent to adopt or waiver of consent to future adoption or a consent to termination of parental rights.

2.An offense is not committed under this section if the money, consideration or thing of value or conduct is permitted under chapter 453 relating to adoption.

3.The offense of trafficking in children is a class D felony.

(L. 1985 H.B. 366, et al. § 1, A.L. 1997 H.B. 343, A.L. 2014 S.B. 491)

Effective 1-01-17


Application of law to adoption petitions filed on or after August 28, 1997, 453.012

(1988) Section 568.175, RSMo, prohibits delivery of a child to the person offering the money as well as to a third party as the phrase "to another person" means a person other than the one who has control of and is to deliver the child. State v. Daugherty, 744 S.W.2d 849 (MO.App.S.D.).